Dec 262014

woman-drinking-teaTea Tips:

What better way to start – or to end – the day,

than with a refreshing or relaxing cup of

Herbal Tea!


tea-cup-steaming-herbalWhen you pour yourself your favourite cup of Herbal Tea, to gain the benefit of all those wonderful active constituents, it’s important to capture the steam component as well!

Otherwise many of the health giving volatile elements will evaporate off in the steam, literally going up in smoke! (Well….water vapour.)



Add the herbs to your cup or pot, (there are lots of strainer cups, strainer balls, tea pots etc available today, but a saucer -right side up – over your cup, so the steam condenses and drips back into the cup, is quite effective).

tea-infuser-herbal-health-steaming-drinkTop up with freshly boiling water, cover immediately and allow to steep for at least 5 to 10 minutes. (You need this amount of time for all of the healthy goodies in the Herbs to infuse into your tea and if you use freshly boiling water, the tea will still be hot when you come to drink it, but not scalding.)





Add honey, Stevia or sugar and enjoy!





If you’d like to save some time and effort and be ready for another cup or two of Herbal Tea throughout the day, you can make up a larger pot or plunger, then strain off the herbs once they have fully infused.


The infusion should be used within 12 hours of being made or if refrigerated, it can be kept to enjoy for up to 48 hours.

Reheat if you wish or enjoy cold as a refreshing iced tea. 







Especially lovely on a hot afternoon!


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