Dec 062014

Have the Courage to Follow Your Dreams:

W8556394-hands-make-heart-shapee are very fortunate to live in a state of relative freedom.

Although the easy boom times may be past for the moment, we still inhabit a country and time where the possibilities are only limited to our own imagination, abilities, energy and commitment.

We are ultimately able to shape our lives in the manner we desire.

With thought and effort our dreams are able to become reality.


As Adele Basheer wrote,

“Follow your heart. It is the inspiration for your life.”

I am an Herbalist, among many other things.
I have been an herbalist for most of my life really, but only relatively recently one that is qualified and accredited to practice medicinal herbalism and run a clinic.NHAA logo-National-Herebalists-Association-Australia

For many many years, my favourite reading material and the books I’d take to bed with me, have all been herbal and health related. My formal study materials were just an extension of this.

There is always something to learn. I can’t imagine ever even beginning to know all that I need and want to know.
Luckily, for me the subject of health and herbs holds endless fascination. From ancient lore and traditional usage, to current day knowledge and scientifically validated research, I find it all worth knowing, all of interest, all inspiring and adding dimension and texture to my chosen field.


I have been growing herbs and vegetables in my Miner’s Cottage garden, making and using herbal products and enjoying the wonderful fresh grown produce since I first moved here over 30 years ago when I had to water everything with a watering can filled from one of the corrugated iron rainwater tanks. How time flies! And what relative luxury these days by comparison.

Garden 2









I was told once that “the whole world will open up for you”, once I gain my formal qualifications and also that “once you get that bit of paper, you really¬†start to learn!”.
Well……things are happening! I’m learning lots these days!









Although being extremely busy, things always seem to happen slowly for me. But I believe there is plenty of time.

Time to dive deeply into each aspect and time to enjoy the journey.


Vickie Placzek Prettejohn;Herbalist;Herbs;lavender;France;Provence;Natural health







Wishing you health and happiness,

Bye for now, Vickie.


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