Jan 072015

How Does Our View of the World Affect Our Daily Life?


We are all so very different in our outlooks. Even siblings can have totally opposite views and thoughts about life.

This was highlighted to me when I applied to study externally as a mature age student at a university where my sister had also studied.

As an entry requirement each student had to write an essay about themselves and their family life while growing up. When I had sent mine off, I gave a copy to my sister to read.

Her comment was “It doesn’t seem like we grew up in the same family!”

On reading the submission my sister had written for entry a few years beforehand, I could see what she meant. A stranger reading both “family life biographies” would never guess we were related, let alone sisters.

Both of our experiences were real. Both of us attempted to portray them accurately. So how could they be so very different?


I believe it is the old adage “the eye of the beholder”.Kelsey-Cronkhite-Beauty-is-in-the-Eye-of-the-Beholder-via-all-Sorts-of-Pretty



New age beliefs are always telling us that we can “choose” to be happy. We can “decide” to see our life and what happens to us with a different perspective. We can develop an outlook that will be a healthier choice, one that will make us more content and experience life in a “better” way, ultimately leading to better health and more happiness.

It is very easy to dismiss this as so much wishful thinking and if you have ever tried to see each day with a more positive frame of mind, as I have numerous times (I keep falling off the wagon!), you too may have found that being continually positive is not as easy as it sounds!

Everything is fine while things run relatively smoothly, but then there is that frustrating issue at work or your partner is just in a bad mood, or you get caught for speeding while you were blissfully singing along to the radio in your cloud of “happiness” and didn’t notice the change to the speed sign.

There go the good intentions! Perhaps if we could get straight back on track it would eventually become easier and develop into habit.


At the moment I am (once again) trying the “attitude of gratitude”, a concept which makes sense to me and makes me feel good. It also helps with the “negative self talk” issue I seem to struggle with. Not all the time, just when I’m not feeling great anyway.

(Have you seen the video below by Christie Marie Sheldon? It’s part of her “Love or Above” higher vibration energy teachings I really liked it!)

Now, speaking of negative…did you notice my wording in the above paragraph?

The word “try” is a no-no, as it gives us an out clause, a way to say “Oh well, I tried, but it wasn’t for me”, so there for I won’t bother to continue! Also, I stated that “I seem to struggle with….” the negative self talk issue. I should say “It also helps with the “negative self talk” issue I have struggled with in the past”! Thereby placing the problem behind me, not keeping it as a current problem.

It really is…..I mean for me it has in the past been quite difficult to be consistent and keep track of my thoughts and wording. Practice I guess will “make perfect”. Well here’s hoping!


Anyway, with all of that I have lost track of the point of this blog!

The point I want to make is, the fact that my sister and myself, who grew up as part of the same family, in the same house, on Vickie and Bowen, siblingsthe same property, in the same community of the same country; can view things – life, other family members, how they treated us, their outlook and influences on us – so completely differently, and not only view, but “experience” them so completely differently, makes me believe that the way we perceive things really does change our experience of life!

Therefore, it makes sense that by perceiving things in a more positive way, it really should be possible to live an effectively better, healthier and happier life!

So through this recollection, I have come to the conclusion that the “think positive” formulation is actually possible and do-able. Having reached this logical conclusion, rather than just believing in it without evidence (being a basically evidence based type of gal), I feel that I will now be much more successful at continuing with my “attitude of gratitude” long term.

Long enough to have it become habit!


How about making a pact with me?

NMake-a -pact-with-meo matter what life throws at us, or if we forget our good intentions, or “fall off the wagon” – we will get straight back on and think positively! –  Practice the attitude of gratitude and keep watch on our self talk!

Sounds like a plan! It is always easier to do something together than all on your own.

What do you think?


(Oh! By the way, I am soooo grateful and thankful to have your support with this! Or even if you don’t feel the need to work together, I am so grateful and thankful for any ideas or comments you want to make!)

Bye for now,


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