Jan 262015

Purified Aqua:

This is the recommended label statement which shows that water is used in skin care products.

The water used for Eco Apothecary skin and body care products is either rain water collected from the roof of the miner’s cottage which has been boiled and cooled, or if due to drought, there is limited fresh rain water available, I purchase natural spring water.Temperature-of-boiling-water




Our rain water is collected via colour-bonded metal gutters and delivered to food grade poly and cement water-storage tanks attached to the cottage and sheds.


As South Australia is noted as being the driest state in the driest continent, the tanks are emptied yearly through ongoing usage, topped up regularly by the latest rainfall and cleaned out each time they become extremely low on water, ready for a fresh new harvest from the heavens.







This ensures our water supply to the cottage and to my Eco Apothecary products, is always fresh and sweet; chemical free and gratefully received straight from the “Rain Gods” in the sky to our storage tanks!



For information about the importance of drinking fresh clean water every day, go to –


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