Dec 272014

Spring Tonic Tea:

This Spring Tonic tea is a nutritious antiseptic and antibacterial tea which enhances digestion and absorption of nutrients and stimulates excretion of wastes.

It is a mucous membrane tonic for the respiratory tract, enhances circulation and immune function, and is a stimulating restorative for the nervous system.


Spring Tonic Tea: NettleLeaf/Yarrow /Calendula/Rosemary/Fennel Seed

To use fresh herbs, double the quantity compared to dry. This allows for the water component of the fresh herb.

To make a single cup infusion:


· Nettleleaf 1 teaspoon dry herb

· Yarrow 1 level teaspoon dry herb

· Calendula 1 level teaspoon dry herb

· Rosemary ½ a teaspoon dry herb

· FennelSeed ½ a teaspoon bruised dry seed


· Add all ingredients to a single serve plunger, teapot or infuser tea cup

· Pour over 1 cup of boiling water

· Cover and allow to steep for at least 5-10 minutes

· Add honey, Stevia or sugar to taste

· Relax and enjoy!


Spring is such a busy time of year! I love to get out in the garden and plant out my seedlings, put in vegetable seeds and plan the coming harvest.

If you love this tea and use it often, you should find there is an added “spring” in your step as well as in the air!

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