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My name is Vickie Placzek-Prettejohn.  I hope you enjoy my posts & find some useful information & links! Perhaps we can share some of our ideas and interests!

Vickie Placzek Prettejohn;Herbalist;natural health;natural healing;Eco Apothecary;Miss Muffetts;naturally healedI am a practicing Medicinal Herbalist, living and working in the beautiful Barossa Valley in South Australia.

My husband and I live in an old bluestone miner’s cottage which we are in the continual process of renovating and have extended sympathetically, to suit modern day lifestyles.

I practice from my business “Keyneton Holistic Health Care” at the miner’s cottage, grow lots of herbs to make my medicinal tinctures, produce a skin and body care range called “Eco Apothecary”, make Herbal Medicinal foods under the “Herbalicious” label and am working on my new Probiotic fermented foods range, “Miss Muffett’s”.Miners Cottage Garden;Keyneton Holistic Health Care;natural health;herbal remedys;consultations;workshops;talks;naturaly healed


Finding something meaningful to do with your life is not always an easy task.

Some people seem to be born knowing just what they want to do and then set about doing it. Lucky souls!

For others, like me, it seems to take almost a lifetime to get it together. But then, better late than never, right!


The problem with being able to do what you want to do in life, I have found, is actually deciding what that something is, and then having the time and energy to go for it!

Not only are there a myriad of options out there, but we have to also find a way to make a living, have partners, families, friends, homes, pets etc. etc. in the mean time. Essentially live life!

These are all wonderful things that give us joy and fulfillment and which no life should be without – but it’s easy to let day to day life get in the way and never really manage to follow our dreams.follow-your-dreams-they-know-the-way

My passion for Natural Health and Healing is the path which is enabling me to fulfill that side of my life. The side that longs to “do something I really want to do for myself and also for others”.


Helping people to gain their best possible health and there for, the best possible life they can live, is a magical thing to be able to do. For every healthy, happy person I believe there is a healthier and happier family and there for community, which flows on to a healthier, happier, better world!Australia-better-world-unite


Nothing like trying to change the world – one person at a time!


Coming to this point has been a long journey. One with many stops and starts as “life got in the way”. I am very fortunate to have a caring and supportive relationship with my lovely husband, my beautiful family and many wonderful friends. They all help to keep me focused on what the important things really are!


Looking back, I have realised the answer to my “search” for what I want and need to do with my life, was actually with me from quite a young age.

As a 9 or 10 year old living on our small farm, I would make little “gardens” by placing stones around a small sheltered area of our large country home yard, then set about transplanting all kinds of interesting wild plants from the adjacent creeks and hills into it. These were all, to my mind, healing plants. I would make up stories during my games of what each plant would do for whoever my imaginary friend was at the time!Child digging with trowel

So the idea of natural healing was with me from the beginning!

I now wonder what the little plants I carefully transplanted actually were. Did they have medicinal uses? Was this knowledge coming from something older and deeper than my youthful imagination?

I don’t remember the plants clearly enough to ever know I guess. Though there are a couple of exceptions. One of these being an enormous yellowish toadstool almost a foot across (30cm) with big red spots, which I found up the creek and brought home. It was huge and thick.



Mum took one look at it and made me throw it in “the pit” which was an area where we burned rubbish in winter on the farm. Mum thought it was probably poisonous, and I guess it possibly was! I should investigate and look it up, you never know!


Wishing you health and happiness!

Bye for now!       Vickie.

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