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Eco Apothecary Philosophy and Facts.
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Utilising herbs and oils known for their nourishing, hydrating and protective properties, Eco Apothecary natural skin care is hand made with love and care in small batches, from the finest natural and organic ingredients.NHAA logo-National-Herebalists-Association-Australia

As a qualified practicing Medicinal Herbalist, I make each cream utilising my knowledge of plants, health and nature to formulate combinations not only intended to enhance the appearance of your skin, but to promote health and healing.

Eco Apothecary products absorb well into your skin and have subtle, natural aromas which are utterly delightful!

All Eco Apothecary products are cruelty free products. None of the base ingredients or the finished products is ever tested on animals.

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All products are made at our Miners Cottage in the beautiful Barossa Valley Ranges in South Australia. The 100+ year old Miners Cottage  is also our family home and houses my natural health clinic, Keyneton Holistic Health Care.

Herbs grown in the Miners Cottage garden are processed by hand into tinctures, infusions and tisanes to become ingredients of the Eco Apothecary range of products.

From planting, right through harvesting and manufacture of combined ingredients and finished products, I use my Reiki skills to infuse all of the substances with positive healing energy. I believe this gives the completed creations an additional loveliness, to look at, to use and to enhance their healing, renewing effects when they are on your skin.


The word “Eco” in the name Eco Apothecary, was decided upon to convey the fact that all Eco Apothecary products are made in an environmentally friendly manner and use the least amounts of consumables possible.Apothecary-sign

apothecary-green-instrumentsAn Apothecary was historically the chemist shop or pharmacy where herbal and other remedies were formulated and compounded for distribution to the public.



During colder months we use solid fuel slow combustion stoves for heating. Both the kitchen and lounge stoves have spacious cook tops which allow water to be purified and waxes, butters and oils to be melted and combined without using additional heat sources. So no matter which stove is in use that day, I am able to make additional use of their lovely wholesome heat for a batch of creams.

As South Australia has aCalendula-flowers-skin-care-healing-herbs-soothing-safe-maceration-sun-methodn abundance of sunshine even through the winter months (we are known as being the driest state in the driest continent!), the herbal oil maceration’s and infusions are usually able to be completed outside, utilising the natural energy of the sun. If necessary, the stoves can be used for additional low, slow infusions.



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